Top Collective x Deer Team Six for WHITEOUT

After a long dance of time, and being fatefully pulled into orbital alignment, Top & Deer Team Six synced up to create a stylized collection of outfit inspiration for the upcoming WHITEOUT event at the Mod club. Taking place on January 26th, this party with a cause is a fundraiser for the Heavy Meta Dragon & New Ark Car, also known as the Toronto Art Car Project. Marie Poliak, head of the Deer Team Six Artist Collective and designer of the Heavy Meta Dragon art car, lead and directed this WHITEOUT shoot and styled the looks along side the individual models with Top Collective’s Camille Stone accessory ‘Top up’. The results were frosting on the cake of a super creative fusion of artistic minds.
Top Collective will be popping up shop at WHITEOUT alongside several other incredible artists and designer’s who will be show casing their works of wonder. Many of the pieces in these shots below will be available for purchase at the event (link at bottom of post).

Topped up by floral accents, Alina (@littlestshrew) will be revealing her new line of dreadlocks and other whimsical accessories. We can’t wait to see her collection!

A huge thanks to Marie Poliak (@mariedacat ) for organizing this shoot, and to Andrea (@iwish4wings), Travis (@travisanthonyjohnson), Jordan (@jordanstclair), Sam (@getupandghost), and Alina (@littlestshrew) for being their incredible selves in these photos below. Shot by Camille (@camille_the_creator) at the White House Studio Project (@thewhitehousestudioproject).


Facebook event link here .
Buy Tickets here.
Doors open at 9pm.


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